Micromanagement, aimed to release 2020-06-30 for Linux/Windows on Steam.

You're bacteria. Luckily, you have psychic powers! Control your mutation to overwhelm and conquer. Gain amazing abilities for both tactical and strategic advantage. You'll need them all because this microcosmic world has a new threat...

Bacteria have a hard life. All they ever think about is survival and propagating across anything they touch. Until now! Your species has developed psychic powers - and debatable levels of intelligence. Now, it's your job to command, control, and conquer everything in sight.

Availability and system requirements - aimed to release 2020-06-30 for Steam for Windows and Linux desktop PCs. Both operating systems require dual-core 3GHz+ 64-bit processor, 4 GB of system memory, 512 MB of video memory, and 10 MB of storage.

Micromanagement is the second official FuzzyCube.com game release - built entirely on Linux Mint using only free tools and assets.