Terraform Inc to release 2021 on Steam for Linux/Windows

Terraform Inc is a well-known hyperspace terraforming guild with branches in every galaxy. It purchases, modifies, and sells planets across known space - no questions asked. As a fresh employee, you are opening a new branch in a recently opened region of hyperspace. You will be building a network of geomantic rails to connect the guild resources to your customers' desires. Making deliveries will earn new capabilities in the form of spending capital to buy new components. As you learn, you will create intricate networks, tweak each placement to improve reliability, and aim for even greater heights - or just build whatever giant process tickles your fancy.

In exploring the abstract dream-world of hyperspace, you will make new acquaintances among your customers and learn their preferences. Making deliveries will earn the favor of those you serve. With time and effort, you can become a preferred supplier. This will open up new opportunities through information, introductions, and even personal hyperspace enhancements. Unfortunately, not everyone is on amicable terms, so as you acquire each new friendship, you will earn others' suspicion.

As you gain familiarity with your new territory, you can begin to explore the greater mysteries. You might explore the outer ring and make new acquaintances further and further from the hub. You might investigate the local hyperspace anomalies. You might find new ways to utilize the capabilities of your geomantic rails.

Availability and system requirements - to release 2021 on Steam for Windows and Linux desktop PCs. Either operating system requires dual-core 3GHz+ 64-bit processor, 4 GB of system memory, 512 MB of video memory, and 100 MB of storage.

Terraform Inc is the third official FuzzyCube.com game release - built entirely on Linux Mint using free tools and assets.